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Photograph of colored light on an abstract figure against a black background

Transmedia Artist




Welcome to a world where boundaries dissolve, and creativity knows no limits. Reema, a neurodivergent, Syrian-American artist, blends ancient traditions and modern technologies to craft interconnected story-universes that transcend artistic media. Embrace the beauty and complexity of the human experience as you explore transmedia narratives, guided by an artist who courageously explores diverse avenues of expression. Step into a realm of profound depth, meaningful narratives, and boundless possibilities.

This project is a series of deeply personal performances created during a time of crisis, exploring themes of connection, and mental health

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Close up of dark lace obscuring designs and words

This project explores support, trust, and balance that invites viewers to reflect on human connections through symbolism and performance

Performers wearing black huddled in a circle outside

This story weaves together memoirs, poetry, art, and photography, delving into themes of travel, identity, and home, inspired by an art residency journey

Watercolor painting of a sunset behind mountains

This photography series is about the intricate interplay of identity and projection through the human form

Photograph of light projected onto a body against a black background

This interior design rebranding project emphasizes inclusive design and storytelling to create an immersive environment

A furniture vignette featuring a mustard Knoll armchair on a bright blue circular rug with an Arco lamp and Knoll side table

This young adult fantasy narrative features captivating visuals of a protagonist's journey as she faces a life-altering decision in the mystical realm of Ilsa

A red pixelated militia behind a drawing of a crying figure in top hat with goggles
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