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For Sustenance 

About The Project

"For Sustenance" is a captivating performance piece in which a class of Performance Art explores themes of support, balance, trust, and community through both symbolic and physical expressions. Trust is depicted as a vital element nurturing support, while balance represents the key to reciprocity within the community. Reema plays a contributing role as a collaborator, writer, and performer, in the creation and performance of this project.


The collective actions of the artists in "For Sustenance" incorporate symbolism and physicality, offering an immersive experience to audiences. This thought-provoking performance, documented through photography and video, showcases the transformative power of energy exchange and encourages viewers to contemplate the intricate dynamics that shape their lives. Reema's involvement as a collaborator, writer, and performer contributes significantly to the exploration of these themes, emphasizing the fundamental role of connection, resilience, and reciprocity in the shared human experience.

Image: Artists huddled together
Image: Artists huddled together with other artists performing in duets
Image: Artists forming a circle
Image: Artists circling a tree
Image: Artists pouring water over another artist
Image: Artists pouring an empty bucket over another artist
Image: Artists pouring an empty bucket over another artist
Image: Artist with bucket drumming and leading other artists
Image: Artists march
Image: Group shot of all the artists
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