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Reema, a neurodivergent Syrian-American transmedia artist, crafts narratives that transcend conventional storytelling boundaries by blending ancient storytelling traditions and modern technologies. Their work delves into themes like identity, communication, psychology, trauma, disability, and neurodivergence. Through art, Reema skillfully merges digital and analog media to weave interconnected stories across multiple platforms.

“Unearthing my identities and neurodivergence has transformed my self-perception. It's revealed the profound reasons behind how I live, create, and connect with the world. My art has always been a mirror reflecting the true 'me,' hidden beneath society's norms.” -Reema

Artist Statement

Reema, a transmedia artist, seamlessly weaves together various mediums including but not limited to, photography, prose, poetry, painting, and augmented reality to craft interconnected narratives. Drawing inspiration from themes such as identity, relationships, psychology, trauma, disability and neurodivergence, and human sexuality, they begin with extensive research on their areas of special interest. This deep research enriches their art, informing every facet of a project.


Drawing from their expertise in visual design and storytelling, Reema carefully chooses the most suitable media and platforms for conveying each facet of a story, crafting narratives that extend across books, videos, games, and more. This approach invites audiences to engage with interconnected pieces, exploring a larger narrative tapestry.


Incorporating cutting-edge technologies like augmented reality and artificial intelligence, Reema adds depth and interactivity to their work, providing viewers with a unique and immersive experience that transcends traditional artistic boundaries.


Their art serves as a bridge between different fields of study and art, fostering dialogue, exploration, and connection. It celebrates the beauty and complexity of the human journey, sparking conversations, and inspiring viewers to reflect on their own place within the intricate tapestry of human experience.

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Reema, a neurodivergent artist born in 1986, from North Dakota and Syria, explores identity, relationships, and the human experience through transmedia art. With a background in visual design and storytelling, Reema's art combines ancient traditions with modern technologies to challenge norms and inspire reflection. They hold a Bachelor's in Interior Design from The Art Institute of Houston (2007) and a Master's in Interdisciplinary Practice and Emerging Forms from the University of Houston (2020). Reema's work has been featured in Defunkt Magazine and the Spork In The Road podcast, and they've participated in residencies, including the Brown Artist Retreat at DiverseWorks and the DUST + Fieldwork residency in Marfa, Texas. Through their art, Reema aims to spark conversations and inspire self-reflection within the ever-evolving human experience.


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