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Reema's Portrait
Reema is a multi-talented creative professional whose artistic journey transcends boundaries, exploring a diverse range of themes and mediums. As a neurodivergent, Syrian-American artist, Reema brings a unique perspective to their work. Drawing inspiration from ancient artistic traditions and modern technologies, they create interconnected worlds that transcend traditional boundaries of storytelling. With a focus on transmedia (multi-platform) storytelling, Reema explores the convergence of digital and analog media to craft narratives that unfold across various platforms.

Reema's educational background includes a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree in Interior Design from The Art Institute of Houston in 2007 and a Master of Fine Arts degree in Interdisciplinary Practice and Emerging Forms from the University of Houston in 2020. This educational journey has equipped them with a strong foundation in visual design, storytelling techniques, and transmedia marketing. 


Their artistic practice encompasses diverse mediums, including photography, prose, poetry, painting, and augmented reality. Reema's work has been showcased in both solo and group exhibitions, captivating audiences with their ability to create immersive experiences. Their notable project, "All Roads Lead To Home," intertwines personal memories into a non-linear narrative using visual art, storytelling, and emerging technologies. This interactive autobiography celebrates the unique strengths of each medium and invites audiences to engage with the story in an immersive and interactive manner. 


In addition to their artistic practice, Reema was actively involved in teaching and mentoring. As an Adjunct Professor at the University of Houston, they have instructed classes in Adobe Creative Suite, fostering a student-centered environment and facilitating a deep understanding of visual design and storytelling techniques among their students. 


With a diverse background in entrepreneurship, marketing, and communication, Reema possesses a unique blend of skills that extends beyond their artistic practice. They have successfully organized public events, developed branding strategies, and created compelling promotional campaigns. Their experience collaborating with multi-disciplinary teams, managing projects under tight deadlines, and utilizing research and storytelling techniques have contributed to their ability to create engaging and immersive artistic presentations. 


Reema's work has been recognized and featured in various publications, including Defunkt Magazine and the Spork In The Road podcast. They have participated in residencies, including the Brown Artist Retreat at DiverseWorks and the DUST + Fieldwork residency in Marfa, Texas. Through their art, Reema aims to challenge conventional boundaries, spark conversations, and inspire viewers to reflect on their own place within the ever-evolving tapestry of human experience. 


Currently based in the USA, Reema continues to push the boundaries of their creativity. With projects like "Allyson Darke," "For Sustenance," "The Ofis," "Rituals," and "Cause To Wonder," they fearlessly explore new avenues of expression, inviting viewers to embrace the beauty and complexity of the human experience.


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