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Over the millennia our ancestors passed have down records through performance art, pictograms, and aural recantations. In recent history, our knowledge seems to be siphoned within increasingly specialized industries and modern technologies. 

As a child I would use my imagination to make up tales, and much like my ancestors, I’d use any media available to tell it. Today, I draw inspiration from ancient artistic traditions and modern technologies to create interconnected worlds that cross media and platforms in a unified and coordinated way. The narrative-line is not what I find interesting, rather the way a story is articulated through different media. Each distinct medium shapes the mechanics of a narrative, and the transitions from one platform to the next immerses the audience into the story. To me, the method in which various platforms tell a story is fascinating. For instance, in one project, All Roads Lead To Home, I used photos, prose, social media, and augmented reality to record personal memories in a non-linear, interactive autobiography that celebrates each type of media and its significance to storytelling.

Reema was born in South Dakota, grew up in California; Damascus, Syria; North Dakota; and is currently based in Houston, TX. In 2007 Reema received a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree from the Art Institute of Houston in Interior Design, and has been a practicing designer for over ten years. Currently, Reema is a Masters of Fine Arts candidate at the University of Houston in Interdisciplinary Practice and Emerging Forms focusing on Transmedia Storytelling: the use of digital and analog mediums to tell narrative stories across platforms.