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All Roads Lead To Home

Image: Cover of the book, watercolor painting, a sunset behind mountains
Image: Photograph installation of a solo show
Image: Photograph installation from a group show
Image: Poem from the book
Image: Journal entries from the book
Image: Photograph from the book, a colorful stairwell
Image: Photograph from the book, Notre Dame archway
Image: Watercolor painting from the book, violets and leaves
Image: Watercolor painting from the book, apricot pit, bitten apricot, and a rose
Image: Photograph of the book cover front and back
Introducing "All Roads Lead To Home," Reema's debut collection that intertwines memoirs, poetry, paintings, and photography, exploring themes of travel, depression, displacement, identity, and the concept of home. During an art residency in Paris and Marfa, unexpected connections are forged with memories of home, inviting readers to explore the intricate landscapes of the author's soul.
Join Reema on this immersive odyssey through "All Roads Lead To Home," a cathartic exploration that pushes the boundaries of artistic expression. The raw and the beautiful intersect, revealing the complex layers of human experience in this captivating debut collection.
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