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All Roads Lead To Home

About The Project

"All Roads Lead To Home," is a captivating collection of memoirs, poetry, paintings, and photography. This immersive journey navigates landscapes from France to Texas, unearthing memories of home in unexpected places. Delve into themes of travel, depression, displacement, identity, and the quest for belonging through introspective prose and vibrant artwork, inviting readers to embark on a cathartic exploration of the human experience.


The augmented reality, specially crafted for this project, adds depth and meaning to the photographs on iOS devices. Rooted in the DUST art residency program, Reema's journey unfolds within a unique collaborative context, fostering creative exchange.

Through candid passages and evocative lines, Reema shares their struggle, longing for solitude, and the search for a home beyond physicality. Poetic reflections capture the universal yearning for belonging, even in the intangible. Immerse yourself in Reema's narrative, interactive AR experience, and introspective journey, leaving an indelible imprint on your heart and soul. Order your copy today to embark on this transformative exploration of the human spirit.

Image: Cover of the book, watercolor painting, a sunset behind mountains
Image: Photograph installation of a solo show
Image: Photograph installation from a group show
Image: Poem from the book
Image: Journal entries from the book
Image: Photograph from the book, a colorful stairwell
Image: Photograph from the book, Notre Dame archway
Image: Watercolor painting from the book, violets and leaves
Image: Watercolor painting from the book, apricot pit, bitten apricot, and a rose
Image: Photograph of the book cover front and back
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