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Short Story: E2 Tribe Life

Cave Paintings

This story is inspired by science, history and anthropology, but is in no-way accurate.

This is a work of pure artistic fiction.


Episode 2

I have been exploring our new landscape for days. Everyone seems to be enjoying the cold rushing water in the mornings. I dislike it very much. Sometimes I think the Shammon is the only one to understand me. I do not even think person I was birthed from understands me quite as well, to be fair I do not understand many of the tribe.

The mau has been following me on my explorations. I have started taking tiny bits of excess food from the morning feasts with me and tossing them out, that is probably why the mau keeps closer to me than anyone else. Maybe that and many of the tribe hiss and wave it away from us. It feels like there is a growing connection between us, like we are getting closer to mind-speak. I have not heard of any tribes mind-speaking with a creature outside the tribe. It is a rare gift when two tribe members can mind-speak, I’ve only heard tales of them from other tribes when we go on our annual pilgrimage to the life giving festival. This is the cycle of the lion and we will be hosting the festival with three other tribes, it will be the biggest festival in many years. It is why we have migrated to this new landscape, so we can have everyone together.

Usually we have to travel almost a full moon cycle to meet the other tribes, some cycles it has been only two tribes, I heard one cycle all tribes celebrates by themselves. It was a rare cycle with very special rituals that had to be performed separately. The details are fuzzy, I haven’t heard the story since I was a little one. I don’t know what the mau is going to do when all the tribes show up together, will it stay, or will it leave for good? I don’t want it to leave, I’ll have to ask the Shaman about it.

My favorite human, Eeatou followed me. I wave in greeting and notice the mau has disappeared.

“What are you doing out here alone?”

“I am thinking about my role in the festivities,” I answer.

“Are you nervous for your first time leading?”

“I’m not sure. I’ve never experienced so many tribes together before.”

“I have done this for two cycles. Do you want any advice?”

“Soon. I feel there is something inside me that I must let rest for a time,” I said.

“That is wise to trust your feelings. Why do you always explore alone?”

“There’s something pulling me out here, I’m trying to find it. I’ll know it when I see it.”

“Do you want company?”

“I think that would be nice. Would you like to couple with the warm sun on your bare skin?” I asked.

Before the last words had left my mouth my favorite human was already undressed. We always had a fun coupling, we had tried joining with a few others, but we never enjoyed it quite as much as it was just us. Several of the tribe had commented how beautiful we were together, I suppose they were right. The bond we had was unique.

It was much happy time later that we dressed and set out to explore together. My nose caught a sent, and I felt a deep tingling in my bones.

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