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Short Story: E3 Tribe Life

Cave Painting

This story is inspired by science, history and anthropology, but is in no-way accurate.

This is a work of pure artistic fiction.


Episode 3

We played the running game all the way back to our sleeping grounds. I sang my new song-line at three times speed. My favorite human, Eeatou laughed in appreciation at my silly and memorable lyrics. I too started to laugh at how silly they sounded out loud. When we arrived I searched everywhere for the Shammon. Everyone pointed at a semi-distant spot nearby. We raced over to find several people chatting while picking leaves and pulling roots.

“I’ve found you,” I panted.

“Indeed you have,” the Shammon said.

“We found something. We need you to come right away.”

“I’m nearly done picking and talking. I will be there. Meet me at the sleeping grounds and I will go with you.”

I was too excited to wait, but it was unthinkable to make someone hurry unless there was extreme reason which must be stated upfront, or an emergency which didn’t require words only gestures and sounds depending on the type of emergency or threat.

Eeatou and I headed back to the sleeping grounds to sit and meditate on our finding. Out of the corner of my eye I saw a familiar grey spotted creature slinking about in the distance and I felt relieved. What was it about this mau?

Our backs were together and the backs of our heads touched as we sat meditating. We were attempting to mind-speak our memories so they could couple and grow strong together. We’d attempted mind-speak through physical coupling after we made the discovery, and it hadn’t worked. Sometimes the Shammon could guide people into a mind-speak, but I’d yet been able to get there.

Breathe in one, two, three. Breathe out one, two, three, four, five, six. My mind kept straying. I had to keep bringing it back to my breath. I wasn’t always very good at meditating. I felt Eeatou’s breath and tried to match it. For many breath cycles we matched each other in perfect rythm. Then I lost it again. It was the same when we did dancing circles. I’d find the rhythm for a while, but lost it more times than not. How could I not be good at this? Everyone else was.

“I’m here. What is it that has you both so excited?” The Shammon asked.

“Come, we have to show you,” both of us said together.

I started to sing my song line in my head, but at Eeatou’s urgings I sang out loud so they both could learn. I felt my face redden with embarrassment and happiness. We heard a rustle nearby. We all froze, every sense on high alert. I caught sight of a silver furry tail.

“It’s just Mau,” I said.

“Why do you let that thing follow you around?” Eatou asked.

“Not sure. I feel connected to it somehow.”

“I’m curious to speak to the other Shammon’s about your connection, if you don’t mind,” the Shammon said.

“You may.”

“I would not let it hang around me,” Eeatou said.

“That is you. I choose different,” I said.

“That is one reason you’re one of my favorites,” Eeatou put an arm around my shoulder.

I couldn’t help but smile and put my around around my favorite human’s waist and we continued to sing my silly song line joined like that. The Shammon followed a few paces behind.

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