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I struggle with depression. 

Many days I am not ok. 

Sometimes it is impossible to remember:

the only way out is through connection. 

I struggle with suicidal thoughts.

Many times I have panic attacks. 

I'm getting better at asking for and receiving help.

I am on a journey to learn what safety means to me.

I'm working on befriending my emotional, beautiful monsters. 

Some days I am content and peaceful.


These things are morally neutral, and I am worthy of celebration just as I am. 

This project is the evidence of several rituals I performed during a time of crisis.


Rituals is the documentation of several events I performed during a time of crisis, intended to highlight themes of representation, connection, and mental health. Instead of using technology to forget, I have used specific technologies to further engage with my own living culture, and find alternative paths to healing and connection. Each object is a reference to a moment in the past, present or future of my life. Each moment is treated like a memory rather than a plot point. Like interpretive dance, each moment is a feeling or expression that when strung together with other moments creates phrases. Multiple phrases together emote meaning for each viewer that become an experience.