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I struggle with depression. 

Many days I am not ok. 

Sometimes it is impossible to remember:

the only way out is through connection. 

I struggle with suicidal thoughts.

Many times I have panic attacks. 

I'm getting better at asking for and receiving help.

I am on a journey to learn what safety means to me.

I'm working on befriending my emotional, beautiful monsters. 

Some days I am content and peaceful.


These things are morally neutral, and I am worthy of celebration just as I am. 

This project is the evidence of several rituals I performed during a time of crisis.


Rituals is the documentation of several events I performed during a time of crisis, intended to highlight themes of representation, connection, and mental health. Instead of using technology to forget, I have used specific technologies to further engage with my own living culture, and find alternative paths to healing and connection. Each object is a reference to a moment in the past, present or future of my life. Each moment is treated like a memory rather than a plot point. Like interpretive dance, each moment is a feeling or expression that when strung together with other moments creates phrases. Multiple phrases together emote meaning for each viewer that become an experience.



This project represents far more than a mere documentation of events; it encapsulates a deeply personal odyssey through the realms of healing, connection, and self-discovery during a time of profound crisis. This project germinated from my own experiences, during which the rituals that had once anchored me—simple yet profound acts of engaging eyes, touch, and loving words—were stripped away, leaving a void that cried out for healing and reconnection.

The crisis I found myself in was not a random twist of fate; it was a consequence of a conscious decision to stand up for myself, establish boundaries, and authentically live in accordance with my values. Little did I anticipate that this courageous step would set off a cascade of events, catapulting me into the depths of burnout and severing connections I had assumed would stand the test of time. The loss of friends and family, the very pillars of my support system, left me questioning my own reality.

This profound sense of loss, both external and internal, initiated a journey of self-discovery that revealed facets of myself I had long buried beneath layers of conformity and societal expectations. The crisis shattered my sense of reality, threatening to dissolve my grip on the world. Yet, paradoxically, it also became the crucible for a profound transformation.

Amidst the chaos and uncertainty, rituals became lifelines, threads of intention weaving connection and crafting sacred spaces for togetherness and unity, fostering a bond with both myself and the world. Each component of this project was meticulously fashioned as a deliberate act of self-care, anchoring me when reality teetered on the brink of collapse. These pieces functioned as bridges, spanning the past, present, and future—a tapestry interwoven with memories, emotions, and expressions, encapsulating the very essence of these profound rituals.

With each of these pieces, I embarked on a journey to unpack my trauma and navigate the chaos that had engulfed my life. Each piece served as a stepping stone on the path out of the tumultuous sea and toward the shores of recovery and integration. Guided by the principles of pleasure and healing, I employed rituals such as breathwork and meditation, actively engaged in community groups, shared my story, and took the courageous step of opening up to myself and everyone around me about my lifelong struggles with depression. These rituals became essential tools for reestablishing a profound connection with both myself and the essence of life itself.

Rituals is not merely documentation; it is a testament to my resilience and the resilience of the human spirit. It chronicles my journey from a shattered reality in search of a place of healing and self-discovery. This project underscores the vital role of rituals in providing solace, facilitating healing, and celebrating my innate capacity to find meaning, even in the darkest of times.


A curated collection of free tools and supports that have personally lifted me out of overwhelming feelings, offering healthy distractions and approximately 1-20% relief. I recommend each suggestion below based on my experiences utilizing them for support during challenging times. Full disclosure, I am affiliated with the authentic relating group, Authentic Houston.


A community that fosters deep connections through Authentic Relating Games. Online or in person every Sunday evening, they focusing on empathy, curiosity, empowered vulnerability, and genuine human connection.

Facebook Page


A free online platform that provides emotional support and counseling. They have a diverse range of listeners available to provide support and lend an empathetic ear to individuals who are going through difficult times.



A podcast with engaging interviews and deep conversations offering an inspiring blend of personal stories, wisdom, and practical insights that resonate with listeners and inspire positive change.




Free sensory-friendly video games, meditation, and breathing exercises for both desktop and mobile platforms. These games prioritize relaxation and grounding, with minimal animation, absence of score-keeping, and soothing ambient sounds, creating a calming experience for users seeking tranquility and stress relief.



Journaling Worksheet

This free, thought-provoking worksheet from Cognative Behavioral Therapy practice prompts users in challenging and analyzing their fleeting thoughts, fostering a deeper understanding of irrational or illogical patterns.



Evidence-based articles and practical information on mental health topics. They have a dedicated section on trauma and PTSD, providing articles on symptoms, treatment options, coping strategies, and self-care.



A free app that offers a diverse range of meditation resources, empowering users to cultivate mindfulness and find inner calm. It offers a vast library of guided meditations, soothing music, and supportive community.



A free app with an innovative approach to mind management and guided neurocycling techniques, it offers a comprehensive system for rewiring negative thought patterns and fostering positive mental health.



Simon Tatham's Puzzles

Free moblie and desktop games with a diverse compilation of puzzles that will challenge and entertain enthusiasts of all levels. With its low stimulation and minimalist design, it creates a soothing experience, aiding in anxiety reduction and redirecting thoughts.



Anti-Anxiety Kit

Anti-anxiety kits are a physical and/or digital collection of your tools and resources, including calming sensory items, grounding techniques, breathing exercises, and self-care reminders, providing you on-hand support to manage anxiety in the moment.

How To Article



Share a tip, trick, or technique you've found helpful when you were experiencing depression and/or anxiety


During an acute panic attack I phone a trusted and safe loved one to help me recenter

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