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Design: 5 Tips from a Visual Designer

5 Tips from a Visual Designer

Here's a blog post I wrote for my friend & coauthor, Chris Michaels, discussing design tips for any project at any stage. These are universal tips for any type of project or work:

1. Consistency

Whatever you do, work on or create, keep it consistent!

2. Less is more

Less is more because the viewer knows what to focus on. It also makes the designer acutely aware of what’s really important.

3. Balance

There’s a balance of content vs negative space; large vs small; dark vs light; organic or fluid vs rigid or angular.

4. Color or Colour

Color is very subjective, but there are general human psychologies that nearly all of us react to. Learn what colours mean...

5. Themes

Find or create a theme that your work revolves around. Make that theme narrow, but not too tight.

From digital to physical, the same principles apply no matter what you’re creating.

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